Best Shampoo For best Hair Growth

Best Shampoo For best Hair Growth

The fall is one of the everyone’s favorite times of the year. Commonly you will observe some physical change in the surroundings as the grass and the leaves start to change their color; the weather starts to cool down, and a lot of women that are into hair color get a little bit more severe with their pick of color.

Now as a stylist, this is the time of year when everyone is suggesting a lot of warm browns, golden browns, and even some shades red tones (because the summer sun has the power to fade reds faster, fall and winter are the perfect time for people that love these vibrant colors to wear them because they last longer during these seasons).
Now the bad news is if you have the strong and harmful chemical in your hair already (like a relaxer), or you have a texture of hair that has the capability to be naturally dry, then adding more color or highlighting your hair will leave them dry or even further damage.

Dual chemical processing .

Dual chemical processing (which is just an extravagant way to say that you are applying an amalgamation of two chemicals; a color, perm, or relaxed in a very short duration of a time period) is going to dry out your hair severely! If you don’t do anything to cure the moisture imbalance caused by them, then you can expect the circumstances only to get worse.

Intensely dry hair leads to discoloration, split tips and hair breakage
Intensely dry hair leads to discoloration, split tips and hair breakage. Damaged hair (split ends and frequent hair breakage) makes it harder for your hair to fall into place and style, which can make your overall looks lackluster and appear unsophisticated!

Best Shampoo For best Hair Growth

your color can be preserved

The good news for you is that if you have color or even if you have dry hair, your color can be preserved (which implies longer wear for you), and you can get rid of dry hair. If you are looking for the excellent shampoo for color treated hair, one of the perfect and mind blowing and best shampoo product on the market is phrenology’s hydrate shampoo which can do the miracle for your hair.

All natural and herbal shampoos are free of sulfates

All natural and herbal shampoos are free of sulfates thereby making them ideal options for washing the hair. You should choose shampoo with great care and attention and therefore there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while buying shampoo for yourself. It is crucial that you know your hair type. Different people have various kinds of hair such as dry, oily and much more. Therefore each hair type requires a different type of shampoo, and there are some shampoos available for various types of hair. Choosing a mild shampoo is a wise decision, but it is not sufficient.

When buying shampoo, you need to go through its contents very carefully. The contents are listed on the cover itself, and you can easily find out if it is a sulfate free shampoo or not. You should always check the ingredients of shampoo before making the purchase and should never opt for shampoo only because it is a favorite brand. Even after buying the suitable shampoo, your work is far from over. You should try the shampoo for a period before going steady with it. This is because when you switch from a harsh shampoo to a sulfate free shampoo, your hair would be dry after the initial wash. The actual effect can be felt and seen only after trying the shampoo for some time. After few washes, if your hair feels cleaner and healthier than before then you should know that you have found the right shampoo for yourself.